Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cheating is for losers, but...

Everybody knows cheating is for losers. You might win some small gains in the short term but in the end is it really worth it? You cheat on a test and maybe, if you don't get caught, you get better marks but did you really learn anything? Or you start cheating in your business and before you know it, you had a business.

But this post is not really about cheating but about cheat sheets. No, not for a test, but cheat sheets that web designers and programmers can use every working day. On Added Bytes you can find cheat sheets on a few different subjects for example Python, PHP, CSS, HTML, Regular Expressions, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Each are beautifully presented in both PDF and PNG format, and designed to fit on one printed page. They are not all inclusive, but will help you with the basics or sometimes just to remember that one that you forgot. Go check it out at Cheat Sheets - Added Bytes

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  1. Nice observation about cheating - I totally agree with, and can relate to, it.