Monday, April 27, 2009

Toilet paper and the economy

An estate agent that I used to work with complained about the economy the other day. He said it is so bad that he have to buy single ply toilet paper! He told us previously that he uses nothing but 2 ply toilet paper. If the economy declines further he can always go and buy his toilet paper from this guy:

At least it's still in a good condition. If you thought that's bad have a look at this sign:

Would somebody really use money as toilet paper? Seems like it. The Zimbabwean newspaper gave a new meaning to the word "billboard" when they made this billboard:

Yes, the whole board is made up of thousands of Zim dollar banknotes. Apparently it is cheaper to use the banknotes than to use paper. They also used banknotes as fliers (or flyers ) to "highlight the plight of Zimbabwe and the cause of the Zimbabwean Newspaper"

You can see more on their Flickr pages

So if you can use Zim dollars for billboards and fliers you could probably also use it as toilet paper. Me? I would rather just stick to my plain old boring white single ply toilet paper.


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